The Project goal

Clear – intuitive – professional – trustworthy
EID Design & Build wanted to show their potential clients the projects that they successfully have build in the past and how trustworthy they can be. Their target customers are big companies who want to build civil engineering projects (highways, national roads, local and municipal roads, railway bridges, tunnels and underground parking), industrial and farming projects (industrial buildings, logistic spaces, farms, barns, factories), commercial and residential projects (accommodation units, residential buildings, headquarters, financial banking offices, commercial centers). Their clients needed to feel that they can rely on them for large-scale projects, that they are professionals, transparent and trustworthy. Our main goal was to create a website that would transmit trust and professionalism while showing their portfolio. So we created a clear and intuitive website, easy to operate both by clients and administrators, which meets the SEO requirements and that can also generate leads successfully if they will use Google Ads.
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